The documentary project, emerges from the daily relationship with the teacher Perucha and the passion for cycling.

The main features of this project come with a spontaneous and natural way, through the personal connection with Perucha, gathering information about his life and his craft.

Higinio Domingo “Perucha” has been doing pro-common since before that term existed.

Perucha was one of the precursors of the bicycle welding, prototype design, construction tricycles and tandems for elite sport, as well as innovative techniques with the use of materials of all kinds.

One acknowledges especially the entusiasm and the emotion of Perucha, when he comes across a fault, that was not able to be repaired after its way through other bike workshops. When the others believe that the only alternative is to throw away and buy, Perucha builds, repairs, modifies and shares.

He doesn’t just practise and spread welding discipline, but also teaches you how to design and build your own tools, parts and supplies to build and repair bicycles. Thus, he empowers you to rediscover your capacity for self-sufficiency, contributing to improve the collective intelligence

Despite the changes that technology has introduced, the fundamentals remain the same. Quoting Perucha, “The file can never end”.

We believe that the work of an artisan, a hacker of the mechanics, necessarily passes from other, diverse, not automated, reappropriating forms of production. 

Nowadays the cyclists club Perucha faces off its second eviction process; the IVIMA through forced expropriations, is changing the physiognomy of Ventilla district. Perucha is being evicted for second time, giving an end like this, to all the posibilities of cooperations, experimentation, learning and production of rarities.

Legal Process

The workshop Perucha is in a building located on a place that should have been owned by him. It should have been … but it is not, due to a succession of scams and injustices that has been for more than five decades.

The family house that grew Perucha was built by his father when he worked as sand river collector. Like all self-built houses at that time, it was built without permission on land that were not of anyone. To regularize this situation, several decrees established the mechanisms by which the ownership of land on which he had built was acquired. Enough to demonstrate several years living in the place and that the property was not in a land whose owner was a third party with good faith.

However, the family of Perucha could not because a local chieftain with good contacts during the Franco’s administration with a fake memorandum to keep half the land area, including the site of the Perucha’s family. They continued to live there, thinking that someday they would recognize the right to own their property according to law. Being advised by a good lawyer was a luxury at that time that was not available to everyone.

In the early 90s, all self-built low houses were demolished and in its place, the IVIMA built several buildings of six floors. Perucha thought that this would be the moment when you recognize its rights as owner, but the municipal housing institute considered that this was a prescribed dispute. Only recognized him as a resident not to own, offering an apartment for rent to live in the adjoining building. Perucha ran out from his workshop.

The premises of the new building from the ground that Perucha still considered his property were never sold, nor had any use. So Perucha squat them and reopened a workshop in which he teaches how to weld and repair bike frames. Although his full with moral reason, legally has no title to give him the right to occupy the ground who has, for twenty years, his modest bike workshop. He has tried in several lawsuits. The judges have concluded that should have claimed ownership at the time of the initial scam, so now they wash their hands.

Nearly three years ago, the IVIMA tried to evict Perucha from his workshop. Several resources suspended the eviction, but all actions that allow him to be recognized as the owner are prescribed, so that the risk of eviction is growing. No pointed for the date, but it could be immediate or go forward several years; nobody knows. Meanwhile, Perucha still giving life to a space that, according to those who interpret the law, should be empty.

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