Angel Ballesteros

Photographer & Filmmaker

Hi , I'm Angel

I believe in the power of image & story telling to accelerate social change. I am developing projects which accompany social transformation processes through visual media. Involved actively since 2003, my work is about Social issue documentaries: the aim is to provide relevant content through photography, video & applied digital means, which has clear intentions and can lead to strategic action.

This is what I do

I am a documentary creator, photographer & filmmaker providing my work under copyleft licenses.


With a team of experienced friends & collaborators we offer workshops on camera coaching, photography (analog, digital), video editing, sound engineer, animation, free & open source software.

Documentary filming & photography:

The core of my work- reportage and portrait photography of human rights & human issues. Short videos to length projects, unfolding stories and life paths of individuals that make things happen.

Digital Communication Strategy:

Analysing, understanding & creating relevant visual information for social media in order to have a compehensive, consistent, colorful & fun image.

Live storytelling video & photography:

Capturing the story of events as they evolve- developing the script, story board, shooting, editing in order to turn an idea into a lively, visual document.


The way i work

I use analog photography and the possibilities that still offers. It excites me the fact that it requires deep knowledge on the properties of light and of all photography making processes as such. Of course, digital means opened up perspectives & endless possibilities- that is why i m combining analog with digital, making the best out of both.

Building relations

My work is inspired by untold stories, unsung heroes and active citizens that serve the community through bold initiatives. I treat those stories & life paths with respect- I believe it s all about emerging closely to their every day adventures, builing relationships, making my work relevant to their goals & objectives.


It is also about making the creative process participatory and accessible. I support replication, modification & continuous sharing as part of my contribution to the free culture.